I help people become more loving human beings. 

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Dear Reader, 

I want to welcome you here with a micro glimpse at what has carried me here thus far. 

I was raised in a small town in South Central Pennsylvania as an only child and had many pets. Growing up I spent most of my time admiring salamanders and exploring the backyard. My first love was nature. At six years old I began taking dance classes, and at 13 I attended a summer dance camp where I received a full scholarship to attend Grier, an all girls boarding school, for the remainder of my high school education. As graduation grew nearer, I made a bold decision to pass on the opportunity to continue my dance career. Instead, promptly after graduating, I fed the urge to explore and began my adult life by moving to the Treasure Coast of Florida.  

Since starting my adventure here in Florida I have accumulated thousands of hours of experience in the wellness field. I am a licensed massage therapist, a registered 200 hr yoga alliance yoga teacher, hold certifications in holistic nutrition and coaching, and continue my studies in whole food plant based nutrition, yogic life and intentional living. My decision to honor my gut feelings have given me a chance to turn inward and get to know myself. It has given me the power to design my life around my true priorities and set no limits on what goals I choose to reach. It has given me a chance to heal myself, and the people around me. I have fallen deeply in love with the nature of life and want to share that magic with you.

I call myself a wellness coach, but really I'm a person who has dedicated her life to sharing healing words, behaviors, and thoughts with everyone I can. Life was not meant to be hard, you were not destined to suffer, I welcome you to come with me and start a new chapter called Healing. You'll feel better, your neighbor will feel better, our country will feel better, and our world will heal too. But it starts with you. And here you are, you're ready. 

- Kaitlynn Black


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RYT 200HR Vero Beach Yoga Barre