Happy Easter: Who Would Jesus Eat?

Now without causing a huge battle of the religions, I want to talk about Jesus. I find it interesting that despite being raised as a Christian, it was never once mentioned that it's wrong to eat an animal. Today, I still identify most with the Christian religion, but today, I am also a vegan, and I am confused as to why it's not a widely adopted lifestyle amongst people of all spiritual backgrounds.

Here's why. 

I stumbled upon this video on youtube, it discusses some of the scripture found in the Bible that is highlighting veganism in Christ's life, as well as his disciples. 

Theology enthusiast, David explains his research into what the Bible has to say about a vegan diet and the rights animals have to a peaceful life.
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So here's my take on the situation. 

You do not have to identify with a religion or faith to understand that all life has value. You also don't have to adhere to religious rules/guidelines to see that causing unnecessary pain and suffering is wrong. But if you consider yourself to be a spiritual person,  I would think that when faced with an injustice, and a choice to make it right, you would be drawn to acting out of love and choose peace over all else. 

So the big questions I have for you today is,

What will be on your dinner plate this evening, as you celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, (The Prince of Peace, The Lamb of God), will it be something, or someone? 

If you watched the video above, you know that there are numerous accounts of veganism in the time of Christ, and that his teachings widely embraced doing no harm to God's creatures and instead taking care of our Earth, living abundantly off of her crop. And because I too recognize that there are mistranslations and miscommunications bound to happen throughout time and history, let's look at the situation logically. 

A great deal of us live in a world where there is a grocery store with neatly packaged and processed items, a great variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, and breads a few minutes from your front door always available, no matter the season. We are not starving.

*just a reminder incase you want to pretend there's nothing to eat for Easter other than that cute little lamb*

So let's say it's the day before we celebrate Easter, and I am at the store buying all the ingredients I need to feed my family and friends for dinner. I think about what Easter means, and how God would like me to feed my loved ones to best honor the true essence of the holiday.

Do I 

A). Buy some ham  (part of a sentient being that more than likely came from a factory farm and was sentenced to an untimely execution after spending his or her life enslaved)

B.) Buy some ham from a local farmer, they were raised on a "good farm" and weren't treated the same way the factory farmed ones were. (But actually were sent to the same slaughter house and met the same untimely, horrific death)

C.) Buy a vegan roast, or have some fun creating a meal that is full of love and nutrients for my family, so I can cause the least amount of suffering to our world and the life inhabiting it, especially on a day when I am celebrating THE PRINCE OF PEACE. 


Celebrating Easter or not, this day (and every other) should not include the atrocities that consuming an animal, or their byproducts causes. By eating them and their bodily byproducts, we are directly contributing to violence, genocide, environmental destruction in a slew of ways, the rising numbers of lifestyle disease (heart disease, cancers, type 2 diabetes) and again, the suffering of our most innocent beings on Earth, the animals. 

So again, what would Jesus eat, someone or something? 

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Kaitlynn Black