Digestion Beyond The Body: How To Digest Your Life

Welcome back friends, I am so excited to have you here! 
As I am getting into the flow of creating inspirational content my creative spark is getting brighter and brighter. This week that creative light directed my attention to digestion beyond the body, like how we digest experiences, exploring touch, sight, and sound. 

Yes you read that right, we have way more digestive systems to balance and nurture than you may have thought. There is probably a school of thought or practice that already acknowledges this, and if you know of one (or two) be sure to let me know, but here's an introduction to how you can start to balance the mind and soul digestive system through cleansing.

Touch - Our body is intelligent beyond our conscious comprehension and is able to store the energy of each and every physical interaction. Imagine hugging a good friend or a partner, can you feel the warmth of their body, maybe points of connection, or even their heartbeat? Now think about how it made your body, mind, and soul feel in that moment, and how it makes you (as a whole) feel now. I know for me, if I think back to say, the first time I hugged my boyfriend, I can feel the rush of warm energy, my heart beating a little faster, and I can't help but smile. Sometimes I even get chills! Touch is immensely powerful and our bodies hold on to the energies received, even if they are not desirable. If you have ever fallen victim of someone overstepping their boundaries, or having someone sexually or physically assault you, or have been disrespected in some way, I am sure you understand how a body may not always digest touch well. Cleansing the body of touch that caused pain, suffering, and damage beyond the physical body is a practice and process that takes time and nourishment. That being said, it can and will heal when you create space in your life for healing rooted in love. I'll talk more about touch in the future, but for now I'll leave you with one of my favorite cleansing routines that help me digest touch from a holistic perspective. 



* Step into a hot bath or shower, as you feel the soothing water coating your body take a moment to close your eyes. starting at the top of your head massage your scalp, moving to your ears, and neck, coming back to the forehead, the cheeks, chin, and down the front of the neck, reapeating to yourself anything that feels nourishing. You might repeat "you are beautiful" or "you are love" or maybe something along the lines of "I am ready to heal". You'll know what is best for you. Continue to slowly massage each and every inch of your body, staying rooted in a place of light and love, allowing the water to rinse away any pain, suffering, fear, or anxiety. Allowing everything that doesn't serve you to be released down the drain. Add what you would like to help yourself feel refreshed. *


Sight - The beautiful gift of being able to see our world has a great impact on our ability to understand our environment, feel empathy, and make connections. Think about how we understand body language specifically with our eyes. Just by watching someone walk or hold a conversation we can begin to more deeply connect with that person, tapping into our empathy. Our eyes are constantly working hard to deliver more information to our brains about our surroundings and without a proper break they become strained and inefficient. We also make choices every day about what content we are going to consume, from horror movies, to celebrity instagram posts, news and politics, and maybe even complaints from our friends and family on facebook, everything you consume will either raise your vibes or lower them, affecting how you feel. 

* My favorite way to practice conscious consumption is to first unfollow anything that isn’t fueling me, that isn’t raising my vibes, that isn’t making me feel inspired and empowered. By simply becoming aware that you are completely in control of what you consume you will start to attract content that is uplifting, inspiring, and healing.* 


Sound - reading words is one thing, but hearing them is another. Imagine reading a birthday card and then imagine hearing those words come from a loved ones mouth. Which is more powerful? Now I’m not downplaying the power of books, poetry, or even blog posts… but what I am saying is that when we speak to one another directly it’s the full human experience. There is a great deal of research being done on sound frequency healing, and some remarkable results are being acknowledged within the scientific community, but something we can all experience right now, is choosing to communicate from a place of love. Communication rooted in love does not mean only saying nice things, being positive all the time, or bending the truth so it is less hurtful. Speaking from love means to only say things that are going to bring light into the lives of others. You can be just as honest, just as realistic, just as authentic as you are right now, and still speak loving words. And this all applies to how you speak to yourself too.



 Using Mantras in you daily life are great ways to train your mind to speak with love. A few ways you can incorporate mantas into your daily life would be to say a mantra several times to yourself or out loud facing a mirror to start your day, or meditating on a mantra, or even just writing it down at the top of your agenda for the day. Just google mantras or make your own! 

Experiences are food for the soul and how well we digest them has a profound effect on the whole body. Just like indigestion can interfere with nutrient absorption, energy levels, and quality of sleep, how you digest life can affect your relationships, fulfillment, and capacity to love. Growing up I was a notorious journal keeper, and understand today that journaling served as a tool to help me digest my life. Everyone will have different methods that help them better digest their experiences, and it may take time to find which ones work best for you. Digestion is just the tip of the iceberg, but what a great place to start if you’re striving to make change, grow, or expand! I’m currently accepting clients for one on one coaching, you can explore the packages I am currently offering on my Services page, or send me an email to create a customized package. 

Till next time my friends, happy digesting! 


Kaitlynn Black