What Is The Difference Between Health & Wellness?

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So I'm studying to receive a certification in health and wellness coaching and want to share some of the things I learn, and questions that arise through out. Recently I studied different models of health, how they interact with us, and how we can interact with them, paying special attention to the psychology behind change, decision making, and belief. 

There are two different models of health, the Medical and the Holistic or Wellness Model. 

The Medical Model defines health as the absence of one or more of the 5 D's. 






This model relies solely on biological explanations and measurable symptoms. It is not designed to encompass and consider psychological and social factors.

The Wellness Model has a definition designated by the World Health Organization as "a state of complete physical, mental, & social well being & not merely the absence of disease & infirmity."

This model recognizes the physical, environmental, social, spiritual, and emotional impact to overall quality of life.  To quote Jesse Williams (1939) "that condition of the individual that makes possible the highest enjoyment of life, the greatest constructive work, and that shows itself in the best service to the world. . . .Health as freedom from disease is a standard of mediocrity; healing as a quality of life is a standard of the inspiration and increasing achievement." 

Now THAT is a beautiful definition of what health can look and feel like. 


Wellness emphasizes self healing. There are 8 dimensions to wellness. 










So let's think about this, many of the diseases the modern world is plagued by are lifestyle disease. Meaning we create our own demise but not making better life choices. Choices like eating well, exercising, finding fulfilling community, work. . . but we all know this right?

I think deep down, when we get quiet and listen to ourselves, and let ourselves truly digest our life, we know what is raising us up and what is pulling us down. So why don't we make better decisions? What's missing? 

There are four key elements that build the stage for living a healthful, holistic, lifestyle. When these four elements are equally present and working for you, the environment for healing, growth, and wellness is achieved. 

1. The information & education people have access to and comprehend (intellectual wellness)

2.  Choices people make (behavioral factors, emotional wellness, spiritual wellness)

3. Where and how people live (environmental, economic, and social conditions, social wellness, spiritual wellness, environmental wellness)

4. The type, amount, and quality of health care people receive (occupational wellness, financial wellness, environmental wellness)


My goal, my job, is not to give you a diagnosis, or treatment. My job is to teach you the lifestyle habits that will keep you far away from needing a diagnosis for disease. I teach people how to help themselves through changing their habits to create health, wealth, and radiance throughout every aspect of their life. Wellness is for everyone. It is never the wrong time to take your life into your hands, and begin to shape your reality. 

What is your definition of health?

What does Wellness look like for you?

What does it feel like to be "well"?

Leave a comment down below with your thoughts, stories, and opinions!




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