90 minute super session

90 minute super session


In one of my 90 minutes sessions we can accomplish one of the following,

  • identify habits and behaviors that are no longer serving you

  • discuss your current wellness goals and receive an outline for how to reach them

  • answer questions you may have about vegan lifestyle and food

  • learn what it takes to manifest your dream life

  • how to heal your digestion, specifically by eating a plant based / vegan diet

  • how to begin to create a healthy relationship with food

  • how to shift your mindset to create a life you love

  • discuss your fitness goals

  • explore what living a life rooted in love means, and looks like

  • begin to explore minimizing your life and belonging

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This is perfect for those of you who want more structure and direction. After one session you will feel reenergized and grounded, ready to continue reaching your goals with a refreshed perspective. This is for those of you who maybe aren’t ready to commit, who are still feeling uneasy about investing purely in yourself, and need a taste of the magic that comes with one on one coaching.