eight 60 minute sessions

eight 60 minute sessions


Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do if you are trying to reach optimal wellness, happiness, or are working towards manifesting an abundant life.

During my two month coaching package YOU decided what you want to focus on, but a few of my specialties are listed down below.

  • adopting a vegan/plant based lifestyle

  • creating a healthy relationship with food

  • manifesting your dream life

  • taking action towards life goals

  • minimizing your belongings

  • prioritizing what really matters in your life

  • expanding your yoga practice to reach all 8 limbs

  • healing your mind body and soul to unleash your true potential

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Remember, only you can take action in your life! I've designed the 8 week program in mind for people who want to go all in! It's intended to create efficient change to one part of your life, starting a domino effect. You'll let go of so much that isn't serving you and feel like a refreshed human after 8 sessions.  If you are ready to see massive shifts then take this as your sign, you are here for a reason!