Plant Based Program

Plant Based Program


This program was designed for anyone looking to change the way they eat. If you have tried dieting to lose body fat, have more energy, or just feel healthier this program is for you. After completing 8 sessions, you will have the knowledge and confidence to make the best decisions for you and your body, that leave you feeling full and nourished. We don’t count calories, or deprive the body of its desired fuel, instead we add a variety of foods to enhance your digestion, nutrition, and create a healing environment for your body. This isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle, and the goal is to free you from ever having to try another fad diet. If you love food, and want to heal your body, THIS is your dream come true.

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Goal you can expect to reach: 

  • create lasting healthy lifestyle changes, specifically with food! 
  • identify and overcome obstacles between stopping you from thriving on a plant based diet
  • recognize and take part in the plant based / vegan community
  • nurture your potential and expand your self confidence 
  • learn about basic nutrition and why a whole food plant based/vegan diet is beneficial for you and your loved ones
  • recognize that you are in control of your health
  • feel able to make healthy food choices
  • take measurable steps toward healing your body, mind, and soul through healthy eating and behaviors
  • build a trusting relationship with me, get answers to your questions, and gain insight from an ex omnivore
  • hone in on your taste preferences, and expand your palette 
  • discover new foods
  • learn how to get all your vital nutrients every day, simply, and affordably 
  • learn how to cook healthy and delicious food efficiently without oil
  • learn the best way to read food labels, and what to actually avoid
  • clean out and organize your pantry, fridge, and freezer for the last time
  • learn how to meal prep and batch cook, saving you time and money 
  • learn how to make healthy decisions while eating out
  • finish the program with a game plan for how to reach more wellness goals