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Tuesday September 11th at 5:30 PM

@ Downtown Yoga Barre & Beyond

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No more dieting. No more restricting. No more guessing. 

Our relationship with food should be BLISSFUL.

We are welcoming September with a workshop to inspire and empower all of you to eat nourishing, high vibration foods. 

In this 90 minute workshop you will learn how to eat abundantly for youth, health, fat loss, and higher energy levels. We will start with a yoga flow centered around healing the gut and better digestion, followed by a short presentation and Q&A all about how to make the best food choices for our body, mind, and soul. And let's not forget the FREE DESSERT. I'll be providing a surprise dessert and a copy of the recipe for you all! 

IF YOU HAVE ANY ALLERGIES: please send me a message so I can be sure to prepare the appropriate options :) 

This is your chance to find freedom in food. If you are struggling to reach your ideal body weight, are dealing with low energy or are frequently sick, this is for you! If you are trying to reach higher goals in your career or a side hustle but just can't seem to create change, THIS IS FOR YOU. 

How we nourish our bodies reflects how we nourish other parts of our life. When you create change in the body, change is created all around you. 

tickets are $20
You can register online by using the MindBody App, and selecting the workshop on the Downtown Yoga Barre & Beyond schedule! 

I can't wait to share the magic with you!

If you like the sound of the We Are What We Eat workshop check out the two week integration program below! 







We Are What We Eat Integration

We Are What We Eat Integration is designed to transition you from tired, frustrated, lack luster, and unsure to energized, empowered, and bring clarity to your mind, body, and soul desires.

You will complete the program feeling confident and clear, understanding all of your nutritional needs, with a clear action oriented path to setting and reaching goals rooted in love, pleasure, and ease.

If you are someone seeking more, more energy, more bliss, more clarity this is for you.

If you have ever tried a diet and didn't find success and pleasure in it... this is for you.

BUT above all else...if you are ready to up level. Ready to grow, expand, and rediscover joy through food, reignite the fire behind your passions, and bring clarity to what truly makes you feel fulfilled. THIS IS FOR YOU

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