I finally broke... we must surrender to invite change. I finally let myself take a moment and digest things I've been avoiding. After a good cry and lots of talking it out with loved ones, I came to this... it's time to slow down... breathe.

Ask me any questions you may have about transitioning to a vegan lifestyle.

If you are having trouble finding inspiration to go vegan, watch this video and the links below in the description.

Peace For All.

I spent the week tracking my digestion and had a visit with my naturopath, here’s what I learned.

Hey friends, so lately my digestion has been less than great. I've been experiencing bloating, indigestion, and being completely transparent, constantly going from constipation to loose stool. I'm dedicating June to healing my gut and getting back to regularity! How is your digestion?

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For the past several years I have been working on curating a life that lights me up from the inside out…

We have more than one type of digestion that impacts our wellbeing! Just like our body, our mind has to digest every moment of every day. I've broken down our experiences by talking about touch, sight, and sound, and how we can be more conscious about our "experience" consumption, and how to cleanse this digestive system.
This is it! I finally did it! My name is Kaitlynn, but most people call me Kait. I am a wellness coach and entrepreneur, but above all I'm just a person excited about spreading love and healing. I started my youtube chanel so I could better communicate with people that I don't have the opportunity to chat with face to face.